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Enphase Micro Inverters

Enphase Micro Inverter

Solar panel installations using a traditional string inverter can be prone to yield inefficiencies if part of the solar panels are subject to shading.  If one of the panels is shaded it will cause the rest of the panels in the string to lose output therefore creating a loss of yield.

Enphase micro inverters overcome this issue by connecting each panel to its own micro inverter.  This way each panel can perform to it's maximum, without interference from shaded panels. Yield output is higher across the whole system.  

Enphase Envoy

Enphase Envoy

This is the intelligent communications gateway between the micro inverters and the online monitoring system called Enphase Enlighten.  A broadband connection is required to enable the gateway to communicate with Enphase's central data servers to store the information gathered from the Enphase micro inverters.  The gateway will commuticate with each micro inverter every 5 minutes and forward this information to central data server.

 The gateway can be installed anywhere in the house providing it has a plug socket near by and a means to connect to the broad band router.

Enphase Enlighten Monitoring

Not only do you get a better performance from the solar panels, Enphase Enlighten software will allow you to monitor the output of each individual panel.  A broadband connection is required to view the software.

How much does it cost?

Solar systems using Enphase micro inverters are more expesive than string based systems. Our  Enphase systems installed in the Warrington area are as follows

£6400.00 for a 4kW system using SolarWorld 250W all black solar panels. 

£5400.00 for a 3kW system using SolarWorld 250W all black solar panels

£4400.00 for a 2kW system using SolarWorld 250W all black solar panels

£2900.00 for a 1kW system using SolarWorld 250W all black solar panels

Prices are subject to a site survey and all panels being installed on the same side of the roof.  Extra costs would be for additional scaffold on different roof slopes.

For a free no obligation quotation call us on 01925 790 860. We don't employ salesmen so there's no hard sell, just common sense.

Enphase Micro Inverters   Enphase Micro Inverters LG 285W Panels

Based in Warrington near Liverpool and Manchester we able to install solar panels in Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and North Wales.