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Gledhill Hot Water Cylinders and Thermal Stores

Gledhill Stainless Lite Cylinders

Gledhill cylinders are made in the UK by a family owned British company under BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Systems and are manufactured to be compliant with Part L Building Regulations 2002.

Gledhill's 15 regional manufacturing centres producing copper hot water cylinders and tanks, enable Gledhill to offer the unique benefits of free mainland UK delivery usualy within 72 hours of receiving an order.  

Gledhill stainless steel cylinders are made at their head office in Blackpool and are despatched by the local depot.  As result delivery of these hot water cylinders may take longer should your nearest depot be out of stock.

The Gledhill stainless steel cylinder range is made from the very latest high specification grade of Duplex stainless steel, to resist all forms of corrosion, including crevice and stress, whilst its high mechanical strength gives it fantastic durability. The very latest automated welding procedures along with full post weld treatments guarantee welds that are as strong as the parent metal. Stainless Lite unvented cylinders are pressure tested in the factory to a full 12 bar which is four times the normal working pressure. 

All Gledhill cylinders have an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of either one or zero.

Direct Cylinders

These hot water cylinders are heated directly by means of an immersion heater.

Indirect Cylinders

These hot water cylinders are heated by means of an external boiler (gas or oil). They do have an immersion heater for backup/additional heating. 

Solar Cylinders

These hot water cylinders come in both direct or indirect versions and have an additional coil for the solar circuit. 

Unvented Cylinders

These hot water cylinders are mains pressure cylinders that do not have a header tank.  These cylinders are reuired to be fitted by a qualified person with a G3 certificate.

Open Vented Cylinders

These hot water cylinders are cylinders filled by means of a header tank, pressure inside the cyinder and at the taps is governed by the height of the header tank.

Gledhill Boilermate Thermal Store

The Gledhill BoilerMate BP is an open vented thermal store that provides mains pressure hot water without the need for G3 certification. The BoilerMate BP is suitable for use with either a gas or an oil boiler and the heating system can be either open vented or sealed. It is also suitable for upgrading existing traditional hot water systems. BoilerMate BP thermal stores do not require any annual maintenance. The product fully complies with the HWA (Hot Water Association) specification for thermal stores and is fully 2010 Part L1A (new build and refurbishment) compliant.

Gledhill Torrent GreenHeat Thermal Store

Do you have a wood burner and are in need of a suitable thermal store? The Gledhill Torrent MulifuelStore is the perfect choice. Capable of being connected to oil or gas boilers as well as a wood burner the Torrent MultifuelStore can have underfloor heating/radiators directly plumbed in to it and at the same time provide mains pressure hot water.  The Gledhill Torrent GreenHeat Solar is also equiped with an additional coil allowing the store to be fitted to solar thermal collectors

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