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Gledhill Torrent Eco Thermal Store

The Torrent Eco (replaces the Torrent GreenHeat) is an inherently safe heating and hot water system utilising multiple heat sources, and is therefore the ideal product to use as the heart of an alternative energy system. It will take energy inputs from a wide variety of alternative energy sources, only reverting to a conventional boiler when the heat inputs are insufficient from the alternative energy sources. The inputs include, but are not limited to:

  • solar panels
  • wood burning stoves and other uncontrolled heat sources
  • ground or air source heat pumps
  • electricity from renewable or low carbon sources

If the system is configured appropriately, the heat from the alternative energy source will be available for both hot water AND heating. This is only possible with a thermal store such as the Torrent Eco and is not possible with an unvented cylinder where you will only get an alternative energy contribution to the hot water.

The domestic hot water is generated via a highly efficient plate heat exchanger. As hot water is demanded, it is mains cold water which is instantaneously heated as it passes through the heat exchanger and delivered to the taps. This method of generating the hot water completely removes the risk of legionella. It also has the added advantage of the stored water not requiring pasteurisation provided by carbon-intensive electricity for legionella protection, as the homeowner never comes in contact with it.

Gledhill’s patented hot water control system goes one step further. It intelligently controls the speed of the pump drawing water into the heat exchanger from the store, using sensors and controls to regulate the heat exchange process and ensure safe water temperatures with no risk of scalding.

The Torrent Eco range comes with a full array of tappings as standard so that, for example, a wood burning stove or solar panels can be added as an upgrade to the property at a later stage and the hot water cylinder will be ready to work with it. If some of the standard tappings are not required or additional ones are needed, they can be specified at the point of order, providing you the flexibility of a fully bespoke thermal store to suit any installation requirement.

The Torrent Eco range is insulated to a very high standard with our revolutionary insulation which has an Ozone Depletion potential (ODP) and an industry leading low Global Warming Potential of zero.