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Gledhill Torrent ECO SP - Thermal Store For Pressurised Systems

The Torrent ECO SP is the latest model from Gledhill and supersedes the Torrent GreenHeat SP range which is no longer manufactured.

In the ideal situation, the Gledhill Torrent ECO SP utilises inputs from a wood burning or solid fuel boiler as its primary energy source. It comes fitted with these tappings as standard, but they can be removed if not required at the time of ordering. The Torrent GreenHeat only reverts to a conventional boiler when the other heat inputs are insufficient from the alternative energy sources.

Hot water and heating

The Gledhill Torrent GreenHeat SP provides high-performance mains pressure hot water via a highly efficient plate heat exchanger.

The central heating circuit is normally supplied directly from the boiler although an auxiliary heating circuit can be connected from the store in which case the solid fuel source will provide energy to the auxiliary heating circuit. Obviously, the energy output that can be provided by the auxiliary heating circuit will be limited to the energy input from the solid fuel appliance.

This sealed primary (SP) model permits the use of a smaller feed and expansion tank because the main central heating circuit does not need to be catered for. This can make positioning the F&E tank more straightforward.

Electric back-up

An immersion element is provided and it is normally envisaged that this will be used as an emergency electric back-up for hot water and to provide emergency energy to the auxiliary heating circuit. However, if a low carbon or renewable electricity source is available then this could be connected to the immersion element to provide heat input to the thermal store, decreasing the use of the fossil fuel boiler and hence reducing running costs.

Torrent ECO SP