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Unvented Cylinders

Gledhill's unvented cylinders are made of stainless steel and come as either indirect or direct models.

What are unvented cylinders?
Unvented cylinders that do not have a header tank as with traditional systems.  Instead they are plumbed directly to the mains cold water feed which results in mains pressure hot water and a higher flow rate.  Gledhill unvented cylinders are ideal for large households with multiple bathrooms and showers.

Due to the fact that unvented cylinder are pressurised, installations must be notified to the local authority in England and Wales and must be performed by someone holding a G3 certificate.

What is a Direct Cylinder?
A direct cylinder is one that is primarily heated by means of immersion heaters that are installed on the cylinder.  No other form of heating other than solar (if a solar coil is fitted) is used. 

What is an Indirect Cylinder?
A indirect cylinder is heated by an external source such as a gas or oil boiler.  A coil within the cylinder transfers heat from the external source to the water stored within it.  Indirect cylinders can also be by solar if a solar coil is fitted during manufacture.