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Victron BMV Battery Monitors

The Victron BMV 600S and the Victron BMV 602S battery monitors are essential parts for battery powered system. The function of these easy to use battery monitors is to calculate the energy (ampere-hours) used, and the state of charge of the battery.

Victron BMV Battery MonitorThe ampere hours (Ah) consumed is calculated by monitoring the current flowing in to or out of the battery. If the current is a constant value of say 5 amps - the amp hour value is simply the current multiplied by time. So a battery discharging at 5 Amps for two hours would amount to 10Ah consumed. However, in real life the amount of current going in to and out from the battery system is constantly changing.

Adding a battery monitor based on a powerful microprocessor, pre-programmed with the necessary monitoring algorithms can have many advantages, including increasing battery life and return on investment.

A built in relay can be used to set an alarms to warn the user when the battery level is getting below a predetermined level. Alternatively the operator can use this signal to start a generator to charge the batteries automatically.

The BMV 602S has a second voltage measurement input. That can for example, be used to measure the voltage of a starter battery.

The Victron BMV 600S and BMV 602S are supplied complete with monitor, round or square bezel fittings, shunt and cable to connect between the shunt and the monitor / display unit.

Standard information and alarms 

  • Battery charge/discharge current (A). 
  • Battery voltage (V). 
  • Amp-hours consumed (Ah). 
  • State of charge (%). 
  • Programmable alarm or generator start relay.
  • Time to go at the current rate of discharge. 
  • Visual and audible alarm: over- and under voltage, and/or battery discharged.

BMV 600S: low cost ultra high resolution monitor 

  • Can be used with 50, 60 or 100mV shunts, current rating from 100A to 1000A 
  • Highest resolution: 10mA (0,01A) with 500A shunt.
  • Lowest current consumption: 4mA @12V and 3mA @ 24V. 
  • Easiest to wire: the BMV 600S comes with shunt, 10 meter RJ 12 UTP cable and 2 meter battery cable with fuse; no other components needed. 
  • Easiest to install: separate front bezel for square or round appearance; ring for rear mounting and screws for front mounting. 
  • Broadest voltage range: 9.5 – 95 VDC without prescaler needed. 
  • Communication port (Isolated RS232 interface is needed to connect to a computer)

Victron BMV 600S Battery Monitor Schematic