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Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries can be charged and disharged more times than standard lead acid batteries and leisure batteries. When reliability and power are a must, a deep cycle battery is what you need.  Deep cycle batteries will always out-perform leisure batteries for durabilty, reliability and longevity. 

A deep cycle battery is especially suited for live aboard canal boats, solar photovoltaic systems ,wind turbine systems and other off grid systems.  Backup systems for computers and telecommunications use deep cycle batteries.  For industrial use, always choose deep cycle batteries.  Deep cycle batteries can also be used for campervans, caravans, motorhomes and leisure boats when power requirements are higher than normal.

Market traders and outdoor caterers should consider deep cycle batteries for their applications.  Deep cycle batteries will consistantly deliver power were leisure batteries fail.  Customers come to us after buying several sets of leisure batteries and had them fail after 6 months use,  after listening to our recommendation to use deep cycle batteries instead, they have saved hundreds of pounds by not having to keep buying new sets of leisure batteries every 6 months.

Deep cycle batteries are ideal for window cleaners using mobile pumping stations.

AGM batteries are ideal for musicians and outdoor sound systems were mains power is not available.  The non spillable nature of an AGM battery makes it acceptable for use anywhere.