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Inverter/Chargers (Combis)


Not all situations require just and inverter  to take DC from the battery bank and convert it to usable AC at 230V.  A means of charging the batteries is also required especially when there is an AC source of power.  This could be from a generator, wind turbine or solar panels. 

Victron have cleverly configured their Multiplus and Quattro inverters to use any excess power on the AC side as a means of charging the battery bank.  Making them ideal for off grid, backup power solutions and marine power were the craft has an onboard AC generator.

MultiPlus vs Quattro

The Victron MultiPlus and  the Victron Quattro play a central role in both AC and DC systems. The amount of available AC sources is the deciding factor when choosing between the Victron Quattro or the Victron MultiPlus.  The Quattro can take two AC sources and switch between them based on intelligent rules, whereas the MultiPlus can take only one AC source.

For example.

Propery A has a grid connection and a backup generator.  The means it has two AC sources and a Victron Quattro would be the combi to choose.  If the grid should fail the Victron Quattro would switch to battery power, ensuring a continuous uninterupted power supply. Once the gird power is restored the Quattro would revert to grid power and start recharging the batteries in readyness for the next outage.

However should the initial grid fail be for a long period of time the Quattro would automatically start the backup generator when the battery state of charge requires them to be charged.  Again, once the grid reconnects the Quttro will switch off the generator and recharge the batteries from the grid.

Propery B has a grid connection only. A multiplus would be best suited for this installation.  If the grid fails the Multiplus will switch to battery power within a matter of miliseconds.  Pretty much as with the Quattro, once grid power is resumed the Multiplus will recharge the batteries from the grid.  If the grid failure is prolonged the batteries will require charging to maintain the power supply to the property.

A backup generator can also be installed with a Multiplus, however a means of switching from the grid supply to the generator supply must be installed.  This can be done by means of a transfer switch.  Transfer switches can be manually operated or fully automated.  The Multiplus can be set up to start the backup generator in a fully automotated system.

We don't just sell Multuplus' and Quattros, we install them as our preferred combi in our off grid solutions.