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Steca PR Solar Charge Controllers

Steca PR 3030

The PR series are Steca's most recognisable solar charge controllers.  First launched in 2004 they have a proven track record for reliablitiy and ease of use, and are especially popular with owners of motorhomes, caravans and boats.  

With up to 900W of solar capacity (Steca PR3030), these charge controllers can also be used for off grid systems.

Available in four models based on power handling capability, these units come with the added benefit of an LCD display to give the user information on all operating modes, solar input, battery voltage, battery state of charge (SOC) and current load. The display also incorporates a energy meter which can be reset by the operator.

Models available are PR1010, PR1515, PR2020, PR3030

System Voltage 12 V (24 V)  Features
• PWM shunt battery charging
• state of charge (SOC) battery regulation
• built in Ah counter
• boost charging
• equalising charge
• float charging
• automatic load reconnection
• manual load switch
• automatic selection of voltage (12 V / 24 V)
• temperature compensation
• positive grounding (or) negative grounding on one terminal
• field adjustable parameters by two buttons
• lighting control options during nighttime
Max. self consumption 12 mA
End of charge voltage (float)  liquid 13.9 V (27.8 V); gel 14.1 V (28.2 V)
Boost charge voltage; 2 h 14.4 V (28.8 V)
Equalisation charge
(deactivated for gel accu); 2 h
14.7 V (29.4 V)
Reconnection setpoint (SOC/LVR) > 50 % / 12.6 V (25.2 V)
Deep discharge protection (SOC/LVD) < 30 % / 11.1 V (22.2 V) 
Ambient temperature allowed -10 °C...+50 °C
Terminal size (fine/single wire) 16 mm² / 25 mm²
Enclosure protection class IP 22
Weight 350 g
Dimensions l x w x h 187 x 96 x 44 mm

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    Steca PR1010

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