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Steca PRS Solar Charge Controllers

Steca Solarix PRSThe Steca Solarix PRS solar charge controller is available in four power sizes to best suit your requirements.

PRS 1010, PRS 1515, PRS 2020 and PRS 3030

A reliable solar charge controller of choice providing safe solar charging for currents up to 30A (PRS 3030).

Four LEDs in various colours give the user information at a glance on the battery's state of charge. Steca’s latest algorithms are used to give optimal battery maintenance.

The Solarix PRS charge controllers are equipped with an electronic fuse, making optimal protection possible. The PRS range operate on the serial principle, and separate the solar module from the battery in order to protect it against overcharging.

Open circuit voltage solar module < 47 V  Features
• Series controller
• Automatic detection of voltage
• Voltage and current regulation
• PWM control
• Multistage charging technology
• Current compensated load disconnection
• Automatic load reconnection
• Temperature compensation
• Common positive grounding or negative grounding on one terminal
• Integrated self test
• Monthly maintenance charge
System Voltage 12 V (24 V)
Max. self consumption < 4 mA
End of charge voltage 13.9 V (27.8 V)
Boost charge voltage 14.4 V (28.8 V)
Equalisation charge 14.7 V (29.4 V)
Reconnection voltage (LVR) 12.4 V … 12.7 V (24.8 V … 25.4 V)
Deep discharge protection (LVD) 11.2 V … 11.6 V (22.4 V … 23.2 V)
Ambient temperature allowed -25 °C...+50 °C
Terminal size (fine/single wire) 16 mm² / 25 mm²
Enclosure protection class IP 32
Weight 345 g
Dimensions l x w x h 187 x 96 x 45 mm

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2 Item(s)

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