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Living Off Grid UK

Living off grid refers to a house or other dwelling being independent from the conventional electricity supply line (national grid) by generating all the electricity it needs using its own electricity generators. Off grid systems are particularly common on properties in remote areas where connecting to the main supply line is expensive. Nowadays, they are also being used on suburban houses that have opted out of the local electricity supply line for economical, environmental or ethical reasons

Astrum Energy Solutions can supply systems to provide all the electrical power needs for your property. ;

Off grid properties provide their own electricity by various means with the most common being a generator charging batteries to store electricity for use when required.  However with the ever increasing cost of fuel and the need to reduce carbon emissions, generators are more an more being used as backup power supplies with the main source of power being renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydro turbines (if you are lucky enough to have suitable water supply) or any combination of the three.

Your property will be able to operate as a normal dwelling running standard off-the-shelf appliances as modern day inverters provide smooth pure sine wave power similar to that produced by the grid.   

How does it work?

Off Grid SystemElectrical power is generated by solar, wind, hydro or a generator. This is stored in a bank of batteries which in turn are connected via an inverter to the electrical circuits of the property. The inverter converts the DC battery power into 230V AC power suitable to run any electrical / electronic device.

As an MCS accredited installer for wind and solar PV your off grid system will still qualify for feed in tariff payments |(FiTs) making off grid power a cheaper alternative to grid power. Especially if the property doesn't have a local grid connection nearby.

One of our customers was quoted £34,000.00 to get a grid connection, this was then doubled to £68,000.00 when the local farmer who owned the field through which the power cables on masts would have crossed, insisted that the cable was buried underground. 

As a result our customer saved tens of thousands of pounds he would have paid to have a grid connection, which would have given him a quarterly electricity bill and subjected him to the annual pre-winter price rise by the utility companies.  Now he gets a quarterly payment FROM the utility company of his choice, which is providing a faster payback for the system.

Off Grid Solar System


Off Grid System in Dumfries and Galloway

This system consited of a 5kVa Victron Multiplus connected to 6 Rolls 4 KS 21P batteries wired in series giving a battery bank of 1104Ah (C20) at 24V. A Lister 9.1kVa diesel generator running at 1500rpm. The system also had 3.5Kw of solar PV connected through a SMA SunnyBoy 3600TL inverter wired on the AC side of the Victron Inverter.  Additional power was supplied by a Miniwind 2200 24V wind turbine connected directly to the batteries, with a MorningStar Tristar 60 being used as a diversion load controller. During the day the solar panels powered the property and any excess energy was stored in the batteries via the Victron Multiplus.

Off grid system, Victron Multiplus 5000 with SMA Sunnyboy 3600 Lister Generator Off Grid System


 Lister Generator