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Off Grid Scotland

Do you wish to live off grid in Scotland?

Astrum Energy Solutions can provide off grid power solutions to homes and businesses across Scotland.

Our off grid systems will provide you with electrical power 24 hours a day.  We use pure sine wave inverters that allow the owner run any type of electrical device (depending on inverter power) as if connected directly to the grid.

We use a combination of solar photovoltaic panels, batteries and a diesel generator to provide 365 days a year electrical power. We can also add a wind turbine if the location permits.

The majority of the power is provided by the solar panels, with the generator automatically switching on when the load demand exceeds that of the inverter. Should the sun not provide enough energy (winter months) the generator will start. During the time the generator is running it will charge the batteries as well as provide power to the property.

Our systems installed in the UK using solar panels will qualify for feed in tariff payments which currently stand at £0.04 per kilowatt of electricity generated.

Our latest install was near Dalmally, Argyle, however we do cover the whole of Scotland from the borders region in the south up to the Orkney Isles in the north.

How does it work?

During the day solar panels generate electricity which is used to power the property andy excess (unused) power is stored in the battery bank via the inverter/charger.

Alternatively, if you are grid connected and live in an area that has frequent power cuts. You can use our system to "keep the lights on" whilst your neighbours are in the dark.

Call 01925 790 860 for more information.