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Thousands of people have had solar PV sytems installed since the introduction of the feed in tariffs in 2010.  Whilst this may not be an issue for most people, some systems are a starting to fail.  This can lead to loss of FIT income and higher electricity bills.

If your PV system has stopped working or is showing signs of reduced output then you may need to have it checked.

Astrum Energy Solutions are able to carry out checks and repairs on solar systems.

Our services include

  • Full system checks
  • Inverter replacement
  • Upgrades to micro inverters (for systems with shading issues)
  • Moving of panels for building work.
  • Liaise with the inverter manufacturer to supply In-Warranty replacements.
  • Fault finding

We already provide this service to one of the "free solar providers" who have thousands of installations across Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire.

Has your solar installation company gone bust? We can help, call us on 01925 790860 for assistance.

We cover Warrington, Liverpool, Cheshire, Merseyside and North Wales