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Solar Panel Installer Warrington - Solar Panels Warrington

Solar Installer Warrington

Solar Panels Warrington

We install solar panels on domestic, commercial and agricultural properties in Warrington and the surrounding areas in Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and North Wales.  If you have a property outside this area we will also install nationally.

As an MCS accredited solar panel installer all solar panels (PV) installed by us qualify for Feed In Tariffs, making solar panels a wise investment.

We've been selling solar equipment since 2006 so we know our products very well and can offer excellent advice, installation service and post installation customer service.

Do you know you will be paid for all the electricity the solar panels generate?

Current Feed in Tariff (FiTs) rates for systems up to 4kW are 4.39p per kilowatt for all generated electricity. Plus 4.85p per kilowatt for 50% of the power generated as an export tariff, whether you do or don't export any power. In effect, for every kilowatt electricity shown on your generation meter you will be paid 14.89p

For example, if you generate 10 kilowatts of electricity you will be paid £0.68

10kW x 4.39p = £0.439
50% of 10kW = 5W
5kW x £0.0485 = £0.24
£0.439 + £0.24 = £0.68 (rounded down to 2 decimal places) 

A 4kW system installed on a south facing roof in the Warrington area will generate aproximately 3300 kWhrs a year, which equates to £244.40 in feed in tariff payments.

This is on top of any savings made by using the electricity that is generated by the solar panels.

Should you use all or none of the electricity generated, you will still be paid the same.  

FiT rates are index linked, so will rise year on year with inflation. Making your return more profitable.

Our 4kW solar PV systems start at £4000.00 including VAT, giving an annual return of 5.61%. On top of this you will get a reduced electricity bill by generating a lot of your own power.

Smaller and larger systems available on request.

Why you should install solar panels?

  •  Your energy bills will be reduced
  •  You are protecting yourself from the constant energy price rises
  •  It's good for the environment
  •  Your property will be worth more
  •  Your property will be easier to sell
  •  You get a better return on your money compared to leaving it in the bank.
  •  Landlords find it easier to rent properties with solar panels.

If you are a landlord, it makes sense to fit solar panels to your properties.  Not only will they be more attractive to prospective tenants by them having reduced electricity bills, you will be paid the feed in tariff, not the tenant.  Making your property portfolio more profitable.

We install PV panels from REC, SolarWorld, Shinetime.  We use inverters from SMA, Fronius and PowerOne (all made in Europe) and Omnik (Chinese). We now also install systems using micro inverters from Enphase (US).  These are especially useful on roofs with more than one aspect or are prone to shading issues.

How do solar panels work?

The Sun's energy is converted into DC electricity by the solar panels.  They in turn are connected to an inverter which takes the DC voltage from the solar panels and converts it into 230V AC.  The inverter harmonises with the grid allowing it to feed the electricity into the household supply.  All electricity generated by the solar panels is first used by the house and any surplus is fed back to the national grid for use elsewhere. If the house demand is higher than what the panels are producing, the national grid will provide the extra power.

A generation meter is installed after the inverter, this measures the total amount of electricity generated by the panels before it is used.  The owner of the system is paid on the readings of this meter.

If you would like to have solar panels installed in Warrington contact us for a free no obligation quotation. Join the 1000's of people throughout the UK benefiting from having solar fitted to their properties.

Do you have a hot water cylinder?

If you have a hot water cylinder already installed, we can also fit a device to divert exported electricity to your immersion heater.  This would cost an additional £380.00 but would give savings of approximately £150.00 per year on your gas bill.

How long does take it to install solar panels?

Normally it takes a full day, however if there are any hiccups it may take two days.  We normally arrive on site for 08:00 and leave at 17:30.  If it's more convenient for you, we'll do the install over a weekend.

Do I need planning permission?

As a general rule, installing solar panels comes under permitted development.  Providing the installation meets the following criteria.

The panels do not stick up more than 200mm from the roof.
The property is not a listed building
The property in not in a conservation area
The property is not in an area of outstanding natural beauty
If the solar is to be gound mounted, then the total area of solar panels does not exceed 9 square metres. 

Why should I choose Astrum Energy Solutions?

We've been MCS accredited and installing solar panels since 2010, whilst selling solar products since 2006.  We have an indepth knowledge of our products and can therefore provide not just an installation but an excellent aftersales service.

How do I proceed?

Either call us on 01925 790 860 or send us an email and we will arrange a suitable time to come out to survey your property.

We don't employ salesman to get our work, should you request a quotation and site visit, the person who comes over will be the same one who installs the system.  He will assess your property's suitability and your requirements before providing you with a very competitive quotation.  There's no hard sell, just common sense. 

Do you install outside Warrington?

As well as installing solar panels in Warrington, we also cover the whole of Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Wirral and North Wales.

Do you live on a farm or have plenty of land?

Why not install a large solar array.  You could generate an income for 20 years which would provide a greater return than having your money in the bank.

We also install wind turbines

Although more expensive than solar panels, wind turbines can provide power 24hrs a day.  Obviously this is subject to wind conditions.  An ideal location would have plenty of space to erect a turbine so that it sits in clean air without obsticles causing turbulance.  

Located in Warrington, we are able to service and install solar panels in Manchester, Liverpool, St Helens, Widnes, Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and North Wales.